Typing about major for Renesas test

In the recent years, there have been a growing tendecy toward automation in industry in VIetnam. In order to install automatic systems, which is increasing in number, companies need to recruit skilled engineers who can perform task professionally. Personally, I am really interested in control engineering and also want to follow that trend in the industry, so I chose this major because of several following reason.

First of all, control engineering can be applied in many areas to enhance the productivity and performance of one stage in a process or the overall system. It contribute to the optimizing process so that firms will be able to reduce costs, prices and improve the quality of products. I wish to make use of my knowledge in many fields to utilize all of my possible abilities, so the control engineering with wide-range application can fulfill my objective.

Second of all, what makes me into control engineering is its using  knowledge in many different areas to improve itself. For example, when I carry out the study project about a robot self-positioning in indoor enviroment I did the research and found a numberous method to undertake it. The robot can use Wifi, sensor or computer vision or even combining all of this for positioning, not to mention about diversified techniques that used in controlling the robot. This practical example show us about the fascinating aspect of control engineering that I have just mentioned.

In conclusion, control engineering has many intriguing features appeals to me and majoring it give me an opportunity to learn so much that I belive I have a foundation to working in other related areas.


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