Coming back for so-far-away TOEFL

Wow, it’s been an age since my last post because I was too busy carrying out my 1st project. But I guess no one has ever read this blog so I did no upset anyone 🙂 (ok this means I’m talking to myself, so weird 😦 ).

Well then I have just decided that this blog need to come back for my own sake. Getting high scores from TOEIC made me have a complacent attitude toward my bad English. I’ve been slipping and almost forget everything about speaking and writting, thinking that above 900 TOEIC is good enough for applying job. In contrast, I am aware that both speaking and writting skill play an integral role in interview process and international working enviroment. So I determine to start again writting this blog to improve skills, hoping that I can take the TOEFL test before this November.

And that is it for the coming back post. If there is anyone read this blog except me, please leave a comment below, I will really appreciate that my blog has audience :).


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