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Here is the essay about the following subject: You should not believe everything on newspaper.

In the dawn of a New Media era, the amount of information that we received is tremendous. The news is everywhere, on TV, on paper, on website – the type could be access anytime, by the plenty of electronics devices. Thus, a person need to filter the uncertain sources of information if he wants to know the right news. In other words, you- the readers should not be convinced totally by everything on newspaper or new media generally.

Firstly, as I stated before, the sources of information is highly uncertain and unverified nowadays. The pressure of being the first one reports news or gets ‘hot’ news make many of journalist impatient and careless about verifying information. On the other hand, the big news corporations may rush their employees writing many of posts to sustain their position and many of readers are so easily convinced that news from prestigious firm is absolutely correct. As the result, few people are try to verify news by themselves.

Secondly, as many source tell about one topic, the information of that topic is increasingly distorted and varied. Because of the unvalidated of information and the increasing demand of news, a number of press are willing to write without careful verifying. We can easily read many of information about food on many of newspaper that contradict to each other. For instance, on a magazine, apples can be reported is better if being eaten without pairing  . Meanwhile, on the other magazine, which positively state ‘from many scientific researches’, apple should be paired before being used as food. This matter of fact happens widely on news nowadays, especially on Internet, where anyone can write about anything they want.

In conclusion, because the information on newspaper is unsure and hardly to validate and the content is inconsistent on others newspapers, I believe that we should not completely trust the news.


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