Second post

So here I am again, it is Oct 15th 2014. It has been kinda meaningless day for me. According to my ‘schedule’, I must have put the damn toefl essay on this day but from what you can see, nothing has been up. Thus,  I decided to write some crap things about this day.

First of all, it is boring school day. Dr Chau, as always, teaches us with really low pace (I really dunno how to express it correctly). Until this moment, I still don’t get a entire picture about the course.  Before things got very boring, I had hoped for a deep understanding about the Industrial Network Protocols such as DNP3, MODBUS, ETHERNET and so on. Unfortunately, my master seems like he wants to challenge students’s patience or this course really being easy as rumor has it. In the afternoon, Master Hoang came, what a amazing surprise :)), oh God, the next day I would take his class, 2 in a rows, it is really a bad week  now :)). One surprising little thing I noticed is his attitude has been quite different from which in PLC class, although it’s just my feeling but he really being tougher and being little rigid about exercises. I guess bcoz these illusional students got the abnormal high scores so he want to make it tough :)).


Second of all, writing the experiment reports is so boring and time-consuming, even I had the real one, just check and copy :)).

And the last but not least thing is I can be with my girlfriend and my brother. From my point of view, this is a blessing from Lord, my family, my good friends, my love still being safe and sound.  And that’s it, pretty close to the 300-words-barrier :)). Thanks for your precious time for reading all the way down to these very end line :).

PS: On Oct 17th I would take an exam for PhD position at NTU and I still don’t know which part of knowledge to review, oh I really being fucked up :)).


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